About Me

Picture of the owner Liz in her office creating a hand-lettered piece.

Hi! I'm Liz, The Crafty Lizard.

I'm a wife, mother, triathlete, and entrepreneur.

I live in Rochester with my husband, son, and little dog (Chase).

Growing up I never thought of myself as a creative or artistic person. I HATED art. I mean, HAAAATED it! We used to say I didn't have an artistic bone in my body. However, as I got older I really enjoyed places where you pay a fee and then make a craft. As a teacher I loved coming up with creative ways to do things and creating cute anchor charts.

When COVID hit I decided to take a modern calligraphy class over Zoom. I found it… frustrating and disappointing. I’m honestly surprised I continued with it, but once I found a great teacher who taught me the basics I fell in love. 

Before I learned the basic strokes, I thought modern calligraphy was just cursive.
Learning the basic strokes.           

Over the last few years, thanks to Instagram, I have also fallen in love with watercolor; especially handmade color-shifting and glittery watercolors. I’ve learned how to decoupage and I have a few other things I want to try out like print making.

I believe we all have an artistic bone; we just have to be willing to try new things, to explore what interests us, and to have a growth mindset. After all, art is a skill, not an all-or-nothing talent.