Building My Brand Story

If you're wondering WTF a brand story is, you're not alone. Most people think a brand is a logo, but that's just one small piece of a brand. In this series I'll explain what a brand story is, what it entails, and share my journey in writing one for The Crafty Lizard.

A brand is just a logo, right?

Wrong. Think about you're favorite store or company. What comes to mind when you think of this place? Colors? Scents? People? Feelings? All of the above and more? Everything you think and feel when you think of that place is part of their brand.

Let me give you an example: Schutt’s Apple Mill. Schutt's is a family owned apple mill in my town. It's been around since the early 1900's and has been passed down through the family. I love this place so much because of it's story, which is part of their brand. 

When I think of Schutt's, I think of family, tradition, and community. I also think of fun, apples, cherries, berries, apple cider, and fried cakes. I can smell the fried cakes and taste the cinnamon sugar that I lick off my fingers when I eat one. I can picture Evan Schutt hugging an apple tree and telling the kids who are there for an Easter egg hunt to be careful with his babies. I see all the people walking through the farm picking apples and cherries. 

Why are these thoughts and feelings important...

and how do they fit into a brand? They make you care. They help you build a connection to/with the company/store/product which in turn makes you want to be a part of it, want to support them, and want to see them succeed. Notice that in everything I wrote about Schutt's I never once mentioned their logo. Not that it isn't important, because it is, but because the logo is purely about recognition and not about how their brand makes me feel or how it drives me to go there for cherry picking in the summer and apple picking in the fall. Or how I love going on about the farm to anyone who will listen in the hopes of turning them into a huge Schutt's fan as well!

So, what is a brand? It's a giant package that has the ability to speak to all of your senses, physical and emotional. There's the logo and color palette that you can see and you know exactly who it belongs to when you see it. There are the feelings, images, smells, tastes and sounds you experience and associate with this place. There's the story that pulls you in, builds a connection, and makes you want to give your support. The more of these aspects you can incorporate into your brand the more memorable you're going to be to your potential customers.

One last point: EVERYTHING you experience when you think of a brand should be purposely attached to that brand. What I mean is, when someone builds a brand they pick every piece of information that goes into it purposely. They go in knowing what they want customers, and potential customers, to experience when thinking of and interacting with their brand. You will see this as I share the process of building my brand story throughout this series.

I hope you'll come with me on this journey so you can see just how powerful a brand story can be. Maybe you'll even join me in building your own story. If you do, please let me know! You can always send me an email at


If you want to learn more about Schutt's Apple Mill you can visit their website here.

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